Nizo 6080 Super-8 Sound Camera

This camera was bought new and has had only 200' of film run through it!

The camera includes a telescoping detachable microphone, battery pack and charger, and is configured to use both 50' and 200' magazines.

Also included is a new black aluminum case.

$1500?...$1200...can I hear $1000?

The elements of your camera

1 Wind shield
2 Microphone
3 Knurled screw for the microphone bracket
4 Rocker button for the power zoom
5 Microphone bracket
6 Diopter setting on the eyepiece switch
6 Cartridge compartment lock
7 Optional: eye padding or eyecup
9 Two tripod threads on the camera base
10 Handgrip lock
11 Electrical master switch
12 Lock for the electrical master switch
13 Action signal
14 Cover for the accumulator chamber in the cartridge handgrip
15 Release button 1
16 Lock for transition to macro setting. UWL
17 lens-zoom ring
18 Focusing ring
19 + 1 button
20 Light-emitting diode (LED) for indication
21 Stop button for fade-in, fade-out, cross-fade and double exposure
22 Battery voltage test button
23 Footage indicator for 15 m and 60 m
24 Exposure switch

5 Trick switch
26 Filming speed switch
27 Automatic/manual sound recording level
28 Sound pause button
29 Release button 2
30 Recording level control
31 Single-frame switch and continuous mode
32 Shoulder support
33 Cartridge compartment cover for 60 m
34 Microphone mount
35 Cartridge compartment indicator
36 Switch for integrated filter setting, de-activation of power zoom for
manual zoom adjustment (only Nizo 6080)
37 Individual adjustment of exposure meter
38 Microphone connection
39 'sound off'- microphone switch
40 Earphone or headphone connection
41 External power connection
42 Connection for Braun electromagnetic of fade-in/fade-out and cross-fade
remote release
43 Sync connection for flash unit
44 Manual remote control
45 Hand loop
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