Fact or Faked?

(Definitely Faked)

This clip was shown on Syfy Channel's 'Fact or Faked'. The 'scientists' who evaluated it thought it shows an ATV driving by, or a dust devil. They couldn't replicate it so they decided it must be paranormal.
Still Shot

In this still frame we see that the blob of light, thought to be something like a headlight of a train or ATV, resembles a man's hand. The man appears to be walking away from the camera, right to left, and walking toward a house with some lights on it. When the clip is viewed, we can see that the hand and all the other artifacts move in unison, left to right. This unison movement tells us that the objects were static, and the camera was moving past them.

This precludes an in-camera effect, so the clip must be a 'double exposure' or overlay.

In this clip, I made a rough approximation of the original clip.

The moving part of the image is a photoshop image, and it's overlayed on a clip usingAfter Effects.